Exploring Ephesus and Selçuk in One day

I thought I had enough of Roman ruins in Jordan when I explored Jerash. I was skeptical about visiting Ephesus at first but since I was in Turkey and I needed to start somewhere, I decided to put Ephesus on my itinerary. As it turned out, it was pretty dang awesome.

The Library of Celsus was nothing short of magnificent. Walking on top of the biggest ancient amphitheater in Anatolia overlooking the Harbor road was as epic as it sounds. Ephesus is not to be missed.

For Accommodation, I highly recommend staying at the Boomerang Guesthouse. They have a family-run restaurant on the side that acted as a lobby for the guesthouse. The restaurant was an awesome place to socialize and the perfect place to grab some beers and shisha during the night while sitting under the stars.

From Istanbul, I took an overnight Kamilkoc bus at 10 PM and arrived in Selcuk at around 6 AM. I was dead tired at that point so I decided to spend the first half of the day resting, and the next half exploring Ephesus. There were a lot of questions as to where I should base myself in order to visit both the Ephesus and Pamukkale. I went with Selcuk just because it was cheaper, but in truth, it did not really matter. I could do day trips from either Selcuk or Pamukkale or even Izmir if I wanted a little bit of city life.

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