Daily Kemer Phaselis Boat Trip

We offer you a boat tour which you’ll have a lot of vitamin D. You will have the opportunity to  sunbathing, swimming and seeing dolphins if you are lucky in Kemer boat trip. Kemer boat trip is an enjoyable tour. You will see beautiful bays and ancient city of Phaselis. This turquouise journey will be in your memory for a long time with its sea, mountains and green pinewoods.

Day 1
Kemer Phaselis Boat Trip

You will arrive to Kemer Marina at 09.30. You will travel to Phaselis ancient city. You can walk amongst the ruins. (Entrance fee is not included to the tour.)

You will have lots of time for swimming and snorkelling. You can sunbath under the sun at Cleopatra Bay. Your last stop will be Heaven Bay. We will serve you lunch on the boat. You can relax and rest or dance as you wish.

Your trip wil be over at 16.30. We will take you back to your hotel.

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How Can I Book this tour?

Please fill the booking request form. Our team will get back to you within 4 hours. The tour will be confirmed by Moonstar Tour after the reception of the payment online.

Cancellation Policy

You may modify or cancel a tour up to twenty four hours (1day) prior to the tour departure with absolutely no penalty. There is ful refund of your payment for any cancellation prior to 1 day before tour departure. If you cancel within less than a day of the scheduled departure, there is no refund. Please ask before reservating.

Payment Policy:

We request min %15 deposit for certain reservation and this payment should be while booking of tour plan. The payment of balance can be cash to guide or can be with credit cart at the end of the tour. We accept MasterCard, Visa for your payments credit card. And there is %50 children discount for ages between 05-08. We do not charge for ages between 0-04.

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Daily Kemer Phaselis Boat Trip