For Scuba DIVING, transportation is provided by our special services. We pick you up free of charge from your accommodation and drop you off at the same place. Service points located in Fethiye ;

Fethiye Central,
Karagözler, Ovacık,
Regions Of Oludeniz

Day 1
Round 1

This tour; (Scuba Tune-up) is a 2-dive program in which those who have just received their first diving certificate and/or have not dived for a long time will practice summary information repetition and some important skills before joining dive groups, accompanied by an instructor or dive leader. When the boat moves to start the tour, we will inform the guests who will be diving about the crew , equipment and underwater communication. The arrival time to the designated dive point is 1 hour. When weather conditions are appropriate, coves with a wealth of underwater plants and fish are preferred. The most favorable conditions for the “first escape/dive” have come together in the turquoise depths of FETHIYE, which opens the doors to a world full of stunning riches : the water is warm and clear, the diving places are safe and calm. A half-hour video show is followed by a brief briefing by an instructor, summarizing basic safety and underwater compliance information and skills, introducing the Fauna and flora of the Mediterranean. During this twenty-minute dive, which you will do one-on-one to a maximum of 5 meters, accompanied by an expert instructor/dive leader, you will find the solution to all the mysteries of the Blue World… Not to mention the “Test diving certificate” that our center will give you to immortalize your first dive and keep for life… they’ll dive twice, enjoy the double at two different diving points… When our boat arrives at the diving point, diving will be carried out with our dive instructors. This program includes an exercise dive with auditions from the first day of standard PADI Open Water Training and a second offshore dive. After the Video screening, an instructor explains the exercises, basic safety and underwater compliance information and skills in full detail, and you repeat these skills in shallow water with the instructor. In our second dive there is no repetition of skill, we dive with pleasure and practice what we have learned with the accompaniment of our instructor. Not to mention the PADI” DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING “certificate that will immortalize this” introduction to SCUBA training ” course. After this short course, you can continue the PADI Open Water Diver Course to receive your certificate, and then complete your training where you can dive up to 18 meters.

Participating guests; four (4) person group , accompanied by 3 instructors will dive.

The first dive time is 25 minutes and is down to a depth of 5 meters.

Food Menu:

A buffet lunch is served at 13:00 from the moment the groups ‘ first dives are completed.

Day 2
Round 2

Round 2 Departmental Schedule :

The second dive program is 35 minutes and is 10 meters deep.

At the end of the day, the boat will be stopped in a suitable Bay and the crew and guests will jump out of the cabin and fight for water. Our return to port is set at 17:00.

Our guests who want to dive are not required to know how to swim.

We aim to entertain you happily for one day.

How Can I Book this tour?

Please fill the booking request form. Our team will get back to you within 4 hours. The tour will be confirmed by Moonstar Tour after the reception of the payment online.

Cancellation Policy:

You may modify or cancel a tour up to three (3) days prior to the tour departure with absolutely no penalty. There is ful refund of your payment for any cancellation prior to 3 days before tour departure. If you cancel within 2 days of the scheduled departure, there is no refund. Please ask before reservating.

Payment Policy:

We request min %15 deposit for certain reservation and this payment should be while booking of tour plan. The payment of balance can be cash to guide or can be with credit cart at the end of the tour. We accept MasterCard, Visa for your payments credit card. And there is %50 children discount for ages between 05-08. We do not charge for ages between 0-04.

Why Moonstar Tour ?

As Moonstar Tour, we are one of the most reliable agencies in the region. We guarantee you will leave your tour happy

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