Ephesus is the best-preserved Roman city in the Mediterranean region and one of the most popular destinations in Turkey. If you want to visit a place where you can experience more than just seeing what life was like 2,000 years ago in the glorious days of Greece and Rome, Ephesus is right there. 2. Y. y kalma is home to the Celsus Library. When you are there, in the great theatres, baths and temples, you will feel as if you were in Roman times.

Day 1
İstanbul to Ephesus

our team will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the bus station. Night journey (10 hours) your trip to Ephesus will begin our friendly staff will meet you at the Ephesus Bus Station and will bring you to Pamukkale. and now it’s time to tour

Day 2
Artemis Temple

First of all, we pick you up from Kuşadası or Selçuk with our vehicle. Our first destination is the temple of Artemis which is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. Here, we begin our historical journey through the ruins, accompanied by our experienced guide.

Day 3
Ephesus Antique City

Ephesus Antique City

After a walk around the Ephesus ancient city

Day 4
Virgin Mary House

our next stop is the House of Virgin Mary. Here you can hang your wish on the wall of the wish or light a candle during the visit of temple. Afterwards, you can imagine that your wishes come true while walking in The Garden of Peace and have a happy walk. After visiting the Virgin Mary House, we will take you to Ephesus. We seem to hear you say, “How can a 2000 years old city have such a perfect structure?”

Day 5
Hadrian’s Temple

The artifacts we will visit here are Hadrian’s Temple, Domitians Temple, Hercul Gate, Celsus Library, Grand Theater. Witnessing this place will make you feel the sacrifices, wars, and loves.

Day 6

After finishing our visit to Ephesus, we set out to eat our lunch in one of the local flavor corners of this place.

Day 7
İsabey Mosque

we will go to see the historical Isa Bey Mosque, which is famous for its architectural structure. After Isa Bey Mosque, we will visit the carpet factory which is another historical location. If you wish, you can observe a carpet weaving process; After having your tea in the garden, you can participate in a carpet show.

Day 8
Back To İstanbul

You can contact us to join our Pamukkale tour from all over Turkey.

after the Carpet Show, we’ll pick you up and transfer you to the bus station. and you will be in Istanbul in the morning when your night journey will begin

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