Fire Of Anatolia Performance (Antalya)

Fire Of Anatolia Performance (Antalya)

The basic concept of Anatolian Fire is the meeting of civilizations. The art of our age is dance. 100 people come together and dance for Anatolia, which has existed for 5 thousand years. Turkish people are proud of their traditional dance and performances.Modern dance is united with free spirit in this dance. Many theater companies are promoting new shows that shows the beauty of old performing arts. Fire of Anatolia tells the story of different regions of Turkey, including ancient history. The story is combined with dance and music.

Day 1
Fire Of Anatolia

Our program starts when we pick you up from your hotel at 18:00. Before taking your place in your theater seat, we will have a short break. The first act tells the story of eastern part of Turkey and Gods of Nimrod (nemrut)

The second act tells the story of Prometheus who steals the fire of God to give it humankind. It goes on with Zeus, punishment and Pandora. After this act there will be a break.

In the last act, people play drums and dance because peace spreads from their hearts to the world. The Fire of Anatolia show ends and we take you back to your hotel.

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Fire Of Anatolia Performance (Antalya)