Tour Name : Princes’ Island Tour
Tour Level : Private

Tour Duration : Approximately 9 Hours
Departure Dates : This tour is a guaranteed departure on every day of year.
Itinerary : Big Island ,Heybeli Island,Kınalı Island
Pick up & Drop off : Your hotel in Istanbul

Day 1
Kınalı Island

First of all, we visit Kınalı Island. You can swim here or explore the environment with our guide.

Day 2
Heybeli Island

Later, we visit Heybeli Island. Here, the beauties of the island are discovered with a phaeton tour. Motor vehicles are not allowed on the island.

Day 3
Büyükada (Princess Islands),

When we leave Büyükada (Princess Islands), we have lunch on the ship. Lunch is a very rich open buffet. After the meal, After Buyukada, we go back to Istanbul.

Day 4


We can use public ferries instead of our boats according to the seasonal conditions. When we use the public ferry, only Buyukada will be visited and lunch will be eaten at the restaurant

How Can I Book this tour?

Please fill the booking request form. Our team will get back to you within 4 hours. The tour will be confirmed by Moonstar Tour after the reception of the payment online.

Cancellation Policy:

You may modify or cancel a tour up to three (3) days prior to the tour departure with absolutely no penalty. There is ful refund of your payment for any cancellation prior to 3 days before tour departure. If you cancel within 2 days of the scheduled departure, there is no refund. Please ask before reservating.

Payment Policy:

We request min %15 deposit for certain reservation and this payment should be while booking of tour plan. The payment of balance can be cash to guide or can be with credit cart at the end of the tour. We accept MasterCard, Visa for your payments credit card. And there is %50 children discount for ages between 05-08. We do not charge for ages between 0-04.

Why Us ?

As Moonstar Tour, we are one of the most reliable and quality travel agencies in the region. We guarantee that you will leave your tour happy

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