Off-Road 4×4 Safari in Saklıkent

Adventure seekers! Prepare to spend a day away from the anxieties of Modern life. With our safety-standard 4×4 jeeps, we’ll take you to untouched spots behind the mountains.

Day 1
Saklıkent Gorge

The second-largest gorge in Europe (20km long) and the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey. The national park is free but if you would like to walk up through the gorge you can pay the extra charge money.

Day 2
Mud baths

Fethiye and surrounding areas are famous for their baths… a mud bath that is! Frolic in the mud, make a mud mohawk or simply rub it into your hands for the clay minerals. Afterwards, we wash off in the lower stream of Saklikent Gorge.

Day 3
Tlos Ancient City

We do not enter Tlos, however, you will have the chance to have a Panoramic view in front of the site. One of the oldest and largest settlements of Lycia, this ancient city bore the title ‘the very brilliant metropolis of the Lycian nation under the Roman empire.

Day 4
Yaka National Park

The ice melted water from the mountains has been diverted so that it runs into waterfalls and cascades down streams throughout the whole area popular with trout farms and delicious Turkish foods.

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Off-Road 4×4 Safari in Saklıkent