How and What to visit in Ephesus

In the Turkish province ofIzmir, you will find one of the best preserved ancient cities of Turkey on the west coast: Ephesus. The mystery of Ephesus is still being solved. Excavations have been going on in the city for more than 130 years and things are still being extracted from the ground. Each object is thoroughly examined to give it a good meaning so that it forms another puzzle piece in the great mystery. People want to know everything about the mystical past of the city.

What was Ephesus on the world map?

Ephesus was a city that used to be a lively port and trading city. You can still see many beautiful excavations and buildings from antiquity! The ancient city was founded more than 3,500 years ago by the son of the Athenian king, Androklos. The Lelegiers, the Persians, the Byzantines, the Romans, the Carians, and the Greeks, among others, left their mark on the city in the past and that has made Ephesus a famous city.

How do you visit Ephesus?

You can explore Ephesus by yourself if you do have a good map of the historical site. On the other hand, you can visit Ephesus with a guide and daily shared Ephesus Excursions, where the guide will explain to you all the places and little secrets of Ephesus.

Why should you visit Ephesus?

If you want to visit a holiday destination in Turkey where the atmosphere really breathes history, Ephesus is an excellent option. It is not for nothing that Ephesus is the most visited and most popular attraction in all of Turkey after Istanbul! Seen across the western world, Ephesus is one of the best-preserved cities of ancient value. The city is also considered to be one of the most fascinating and interesting archaeological excavations that have been made around the world. Finally, it is also the most visited attraction in the whole country. Ephesus ranks second on the list of the largest preserved cities of the ancient Roman Empire. Rome comes first. It is still not clear which nations lived in Ephesus. Of course, a lot of bolls are already known, such as the Carians, the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Greeks, but there must have been many more. In addition, people want to know everything about building and rebuilding the city, so that a complete history can be mapped out. It is therefore very worthwhile to visit Ephesus every few years, especially as more and more history is literally coming to the fore.

What will I see in Ephesus?

Ephesus has a beautiful theater that can accommodate up to 24,000 visitors. The theater was often the place where fights between the gladiators took place and where a beautiful drama performance was held in its time. However, today the theater is still in use, which is unique.

Another very impressive building in Ephesus is the Library of Celsus. More than 120,000 scrolls of parchment belong to the contents of this beautiful library. It is also unique that the building has double walls to effectively protect the household effects against moisture from the outside. The first idea of ​​what we now know as the cavity wall. The facade accommodates four impressive statues, each with its own meaning. In the first place, there is Sofia, who stands for Wisdom. In second place is Arete, who stands for Virtue. Third, there is Ennoia, which stands for Understanding, and finally, there is Episeme, which stands for Knowledge.

Ephesus is really impressive to see and you will not come across a city in the world that looks so special. The streets are not made of stones or tiles but marble. It is a very unique experience to walk through the wide marble streets. In addition, you will find a wealth of culture, pageantry, and art. The roads are richly decorated with interesting sculptures and brightly colored mosaics. Everywhere you look you see beautiful fountains and you see the beautiful palms swaying slightly. The buildings complete the picture. The old buildings are all built from the most diverse colors of marble.

In Ephesus, you can visit the famous Temple of Artemis. This temple is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and is well worth a visit. The temple is located just outside the area which is also referred to as the city area. If you want you can book a tour of Ephesus, this is possible with a guide. This is ideal if you not only want to see all the details of Ephesus but also want to learn more about it in your own language. On this tour of Ephesus, you’ll hear the whole story, across all periods, and gain a better understanding of what the city has endured over the centuries. This gives even more value to Ephesus.

How do I get to Ephesus from Pamukkale?

Most tourists who visit Ephesus stay in the Kusadasi or Izmir area. If you stay in this place, you will land at the airport of Izmir, which is about 90 kilometers away from Kusadasi, and if you want to go to Ephesus from Kusadasi, you only have to travel about twenty kilometers. For travelers that want to visit Ephesus from Pamukkale, you need to count on a 3 hours drive to Ephesus. Daily there is a special shuttle bus that leaves Pamukkale in the afternoon and drives you from Pamukkale to your hotel in the area of Selçuk or Kusadasi. It is advisable to do this in the form of an excursion.