How is the hospitality in Turkey?

You hear from everyone who has been to Turkey that Turks are so hospitable and helpful. Well, it will, you think. People are in love with Turkey and everything is beautiful. However, it does not take long before you are spontaneously offered a glass of tea somewhere. Then you are very kindly asked where you are from. You will think: either this will be an expensive cup of tea or I have to go to a carpet shop. That does not appear to be the case.

In Turkey, you’ll come across a lot of things that will make you feel welcome. Offering tea and food to strangers is an extraordinary sensation. Turkey is considered a nation with the most cultural diversity, from cuisines to welcoming, history, and language backgrounds. Such traditions usually in a lot of countries, unfortunately, are not so common in this modern, fast-paced world and in most of the developed countries where you may find such things only in the outskirts of the major cities.

In turkey you can find that anywhere, any home you go to you’ll be invited for a meal, could be just a simple meal, yet gives you such a good appetizing feeling like the old days, all of us had such days. With all those factors and much more, it’s very hard for a lot of foreigners not to feel a sense of belonging to Turkey after even their first visit.

Then you are looking on the map where you need to go. ‘Can I help you?’ asks someone who is nearby and has come to you. He explains to you what the right way is and if he doesn’t know, someone will be called in who does know. They bid you farewell with a friendly nod. After a few days in Turkey, it appears to be the case everywhere. Turkey is a beautiful country, with great weather, lots of space, and people give each other space. People are much more outward-looking. They see your needs, they see what another wants or does. They are not closed in their own little world