How to visit Salda Lake from Pamukkale

The lake is a popular excursion spot for locals and travelers, due to the hydromagnesite mineral in its coastal amazing blue waters, which is believed to offer remedies for certain diseases and gives the beach that white-formed structure. The shorelines, surrounded by black pine forests, are also popular among hunters, game, and fowl are available including hares, quails, wild boars, foxes, and wild ducks aside from the lake’s fish. White sandy beaches, limpid water, and seven crystal-white islets within the lake complete the scenery.

Why is Salda Lake named the little Maldives of Turkey?

Its reputation as the ‘Maldives of Turkey’ comes from the stark contrast between its dazzling white sand beaches, so dazzling that sunglasses are a necessity on sunny days, and its crystal clear waters, often taking on a brilliant blue hue as it perfectly reflects the sky when the clouds are gone. and arguably one of the most beautiful lakes in the world

Why is NASA interested in Salda Lake?

NASA thinks that the picturesque Lake Salda in Turkey hides secrets about Mars. How come they make that interpretation? NASA researchers believe That Lake Salda shares similar minerals and geological features which they found during the landing of a rover ever sent by NASA, and tests of the Jezero Crater on Mars.

How do you get to Salda Lake?

There are not such many ways to get to Salda Lake and this is as well for the other touristic cities in the area if want to visit Salda Lake. It is possible to reach Lake Salda from many different points. You can reach the Lake by following the Burdur – Yeşilova route via Burdur or by following the Denizli – Serinhisar – Güney direction from Denizli with a private vehicle or transfer. For your convenience, there are two options the first option is to rent a car and the second one is to book a comfortable transfer or a Daily Salda Lake Tour that will pick you up from your hotel to visit Salda Lake.

How Amazing is Salda Lake?

What will I see when visiting Salda Lake?