8 Days Black Sea Hiking Excursion

With the Black Sea Hiking Excursion, you are one with the wonderful nature of Turkey and the area of Ankara. If you would like to discover the real Turkey then this tour is for you. Enjoy the tour package that will take you to explore the special Eco-friendly Travel Destinations.

What to see during the 8-day Black Sea Hiking Excursion?

What to expect during the Black Sea Hiking Excursion?

Day 1: Arrival Ankara – Amasya

You will be picked up from Ankara Airport and your journey to Amasya will begin. you’ll see historic sights in Amasya, from Hellenistic Roman, Byzantine, and Selcuk, as well as the remains of the first years of the Republic of Turkey, İlhanlı, and Ottoman civilizations. The museums of this historic city are home to the cultural treasures of many civilizations. Amasya is very rich in terms of natural beauty as well as its historical and cultural richness. The hot springs and healing waters located here are very famous. Amasya Yalıboyu Houses are the houses the most beautiful architectural structure of the Ottoman Empire. These buildings usually have two floors and they are now being restored by the Cultural Wealth and Nature Conservation Foundation. Amasya is also famous for apples, cherries, peaches, and okra as agricultural products. Overnight in Amasya

Day 2: Amasya- Turhal- Zile

After breakfast, you will move to Turhal and Zile in Amasya. In the 3rd century, the Region was occupied by the troops of Alexander the Great, but Macedonian invaders started many revolts during this period. Alexander the Great did not have full control over the region.
We will visit a local orchard. Depending on the season, we will be able to taste cherries, apples, grapes, and pears. All the fruits grown here are organic and we definitely recommend you taste them. In the evening we will arrive at Çakırcalı Village. We will stay here in the village house. The friendship and sincerity of the people will show you Turkish hospitality. We will also have our dinner here and end the day.

Day 3: Çakiracali Village

Enjoy your free day in the village. Çakırcalı village is the best to see the scenic village in Turkey. This village was a village with 80 houses, but now there are only 25 houses. The population in the village is decreasing due to immigration to large cities. You will see the fields and workers in the fields and feel their struggle with mother nature. You will see high mountains and forests. You will also notice the hospitality of the people living there. We hope you see a traditional village wedding ceremony. These ceremonies include many food and drinks, various instruments, and different local dances. It can be a great opportunity to see how the locals have fun. You will have dinner in one-story traditional houses suitable for village life and accommodation. You will spend the night in Çakırcalı village.

Day 4: Çakircali Village and visit the farm.

Today is the day to see the villagers work in vegetable gardens, fruit fields, and agricultural lands. We will visit places where grain foods are produced. You can join the villagers and work with them in the garden if you wish. In this activity, horses, donkeys, and tractors are used. Villagers usually go to the field at 8:00 am and return at sunset. Although they are tired because they work hard, they have fun singing local songs. You can join them and do the Anatolian folk dance. Dinner and your stay will be in Çakırcalı village.

Day 5: Çakircali Village and walking.

Today is the day to see the mountains and the natural beauty of the village. We will have a picnic at lunch. You can chat with the shepherds and enjoy the natural life. You will find that the natural products grown are very delicious. You will feel more alive in the forest and you can see many kinds of harmless animals, especially in the summer. If you are lucky you will attend these feasts and have some interesting experiences. Dinner and your stay will be in Çakırcalı village.

Day 6: Çakircali Village and walking.

After having an excellent traditional village breakfast, you will walk near the villages. In these villages, people’s clothes may seem extremely interesting to you. These are traditional and local clothes of the Elmaci Village people. Before going to another village we will have our lunch in one of these villages. You will find that the villagers are very moderate to visitors. They will make you feel at home. Village people care about moral values, not money. These people will share everything they have with you. When they make wine at home, they will bring it to you. They do not expect payment to try different kinds of foods and pieces of bread but you can thank them to show them that you are happy. Dinner and your stay will be in Çakırcalı village. You will finish the last day with a small celebration.

Day 7: Çakircali Village – Hattusa

We leave the village in the morning and move to Hattusa after breakfast. Hattusa was the capital of the Hittites. The Hittites came to Northern Anatolia over the Black Sea in the early 18th century. Here they met with the local people of Hatti. They created a great civilization. They were also here in the bronze age. They ruled between the 18th and 12th centuries. They used horse carriages as combat vehicles. They attacked Ramses II and started a great war against the Egyptians. Then they made a peace agreement which they wrote on clay and signed by 2 women. This is the first peace treaty that women attend. We will visit Yazılıkaya, which is a ruin. We will go to the open-air temple of the Hittites, where there are rock carvings of the Hittite god. Then we will go to Hattuşaş, the great temple, and the city ruins including the Lion Gates. We will visit the summer palace of the Hittites and travel to Alacahöyük, the first capital of civilization. Dinner and your stay will be in Hattusa.

Day 8: Ankara Airport

After breakfast, we move to Ankara Airport.

Extra Tour Details

  • Everyday departure (All year round)
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Private/Group

What has been included in this excursion?


  • Accommodation BB
  • All sightseeing & excursions mentioned in the itinerary
  • Lunch during the tours
  • Transfer service from Hotels & Airport
  • English Guide


  • Beverage during the tour
  • Tips to the guide&driver(optional)
  • Entrance Cleopatra Pool
  • Not mentioned diners
  • Not mentioned flights
  • Personal expenses

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8 Days Black Sea Hiking Excursion

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