Fethiye Paragliding from Antalya

Antalya Fethiye Paragliding is a top experience for those who wish to have some extra to explore the beauty of the Turkish Riviera-Oludeniz scenery from above. Free-minded and worrying less you will get the chance to observe and admire some stunning views. If you are looking for an activity that will fill you with positive emotions, and long-lasting memories, and that will boost your adrenaline levels during your stay at your hotel in Antalya, Fethiye Paragliding is one of the top options. 

What to expect during the World’s Best Paragliding in Fethiye?

This flight is available on any day you wish and starts by the time you leave your hotel.

Our Fethiye Paragliding from Antalya is available all summer season. We will transfer you from your place of accommodation in Antalya to Fethiye.

When you arrive at Fethiye and will drive you toward the point where your flight starts. Before proceeding with the flight, a team of professional paragliding pilots will offer a detailed briefing. In general, paragliding is a safe activity for all. By the end of the briefing, the pilot will attach your equipment to his. In practice, the pilot sits on a harness, suspended behind you. Thus, there is nothing to worry about, as during the flight there will be an instructor with you.

Once ready, you will start running a few meters, toward the end of the cliff. Without even noticing it, you will be flying! From up there, you will see the amazing pearl-colored rock shoreline that joins the topaz blue sea. The views are indeed spectacular, and you can expect to witness the beauty of the amazing Oludeniz, Belcekiz, Kayakoy, and Fethiye itself. The flight’s duration is subject to the direction of the wind and to the weather conditions. However, it is still enough to experience an incredible blend of positive emotions, along with some major adrenaline boosts.
At a point, you will follow a landing mode, until you reach the ground. Landing takes place at the beautiful Oludeniz, where members of the team will assist you with a safe and smooth landing.
In order to make your memories last for a long time, the pilot will be having a camera with him. Practically, that means that during the flight, the pilot will be snapping photos and videos of you and of the amazing views. After landing, you may purchase them at an extra cost. This activity finishes when we drive you back to your hotel in Antalya.

Is the Fethiye Paragliding safe?

A safe paragliding tandem flight requires some organization and preparation. The weather must be good, the equipment must be prepared and maintained, and the clothing and other equipment must be adapted to the conditions. Paragliding in Fethiye Turkey will be perfectly safe. Our pilots and staff are perfectly trained to give you a safe flight experience. By the start, there is no freefall drop, just a gentle taking off and floating over the Oludeniz Sea and after that a smooth flight with no rapid decline, you will land with just a gentle touchdown.

Is there a minimum age and maximum weight for Fethiye Paragliding?

Paragliding Pamukkale is the perfect attraction for all ages from 6 – 99 years old. If you’re a passenger, the tandem paragliding weight limit usually ranges between 110 -120 kg or 242-264 pounds. This allows for a maximum limit of 220-240 kilograms or 485 – 529 pounds for the pilot, passenger, and any equipment being carried.

What cost the Fethiye Paragliding and what is included?


  • Admission fees to attractions
  • Pilot and Guide
  • 30 min flight
  • Transfer service from Hotels
  • Insurances


  • pictures and video

What to do during your visit to Fethiye?

  • Fethiye Rafting
  • Fethiye Diving

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Fethiye Paragliding from Antalya

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