Half-Day Bosphorus and Golden Horn

Half-day tour visiting Golden Horn Shores, Boat rides The most panoramic tour in the city! Golden horn and Bosphorus Istanbul half-day tour. Istanbul is located along the shores of the Bosphorus which has some of the most splendid views in the world. Apart from the natural beauty of the strait separating Europe and Asia, both sides house Imperial palaces, kiosks, pavilions, gardens, and today´s million dollars of mansions. On this guided Istanbul city tour spend a wonderful half day with us at the Bosphorus as well as the Golden Horn, which is among the most lovely parts of Istanbul. Admire the sights of this splendid historical city by taking the cable car to Pierre Loti Hill. And also enjoy the boat trip along the Bosphorus.

What to see during your Half Day Bosphorus and Golden Horn?

What to expect during your Half Day Bosphorus and Golden Horn?

Afternoon Istanbul city tour with a cable car ride, Bosphorus boat trip, panorama at the Golden Horn, Pierre Loti hill

With this wonderful half-day excursion you will experience from 3 different sights of the magnificent city of Istanbul. And with a breathtaking boat trip of 90 minutes on the Bosphorus, you will see the magnificent traces of old Istanbul.

And the magnificent “Golden Horn” panorama from the top of Pierre Loti! The only region where you can watch the panorama of the Golden Horn is Pierre Loti hill, which bears the name of the French writer Pierre Loti who lived in Istanbul. And we will cable car ride to Pierre Loti hill to witness the outstanding city views from its hilltop cafeteria.

The Golden horn
The Golden horn is one of the most beautiful regions of Istanbul with its historical, cultural, and physical structure. Due to its horn-shaped structure extending from the south of the Bosphorus to the west, it was called Khrysokeras, in other words, “Golden Horn”.

It is not known if the famous treasure ship of Byzantium is in the Golden Horn, but the Byzantine ruins on the shores are very important for Istanbul’s cultural richness. Byzantine palaces, city walls, cellars, gates, Ottoman houses and baths, as well as the historic houses of people of many nations and beliefs, places of worship of the three major religions can still be seen on these shores. At the same time in the Golden Horn, the maritime center of the Byzantine Empire, the walls along the coast were built to protect the city from a naval fleet attack. At the entrance of the Golden Horn, there was a large chain extending across the city to the northeast end of the old Galata Tower to prevent the entry of unwanted ships. This tower was extensively destroyed by the Latin Crusaders in 1204 during the 4th Crusade. Then the Genoese built a new tower next to it. This tower, which was called the Tower of Jesus in 1348, is the famous Galata Tower.

Galata Bridge is undoubtedly the highest historical value of the bridges on the Golden Horn. There is also a bridge that has made its name even though it was never built, before the construction of the Galata Bridge, which was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1502. It is a bridge known to transmit to Beyazıt.

In the Golden Horn, where the minority population lived during the Ottoman period, especially Balat and Fener are the neighborhoods where you must explore the streets that bear traces of the rich history.

90 minutes boat trip along the Bosphorus
Istanbul, the capital of two powerful empires such as Byzantine and Ottoman in the past, is a city rich in places to visit and activities to be done. It would not be wrong to say that the best way to explore the history and nature of the mega-city to which Asia and Europe are connected is the Bosphorus tour. What’s more, while cruising the Bosphorus by boat, you can reduce the stress of navigating traffic and focus only on the magnificent beauties of Istanbul.

When you go by boat on the Bosphorus, you must have a quality device that you can take photos of to turn historical buildings and beautiful landscapes into a valuable memory.

What is included in the Cost of the Half Day Bosphorus and Golden Horn?


  • Entrance Fee
  • All sightseeing mentioned in the itinerary
  • English Tour Guide
  • Excursion Transfers
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off transfers
  • Boat Cruise
  • Cable Car


  • Beverages

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Half-Day Bosphorus and Golden Horn
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