Istanbul Vialand Park shopping Mall Excursion

Enter the most exciting theme park Vialand in Istanbul to keep your kids entertained and home to the first shopping center that combines shopping and exhibition centers, entertainment, and lifestyle. Spend an adventurous day at the Vialand theme park, including entrance tickets and round-trip transportation from Istanbul. Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. You will never get bored in Vialand, which is a theme park, shopping center, and entertainment complex. Full-day entrance to Vialand Theme Park in Istanbul

What to see during the daily Vialand Park Excursion?

What to expect during the Istanbul Vialand Park shopping Mall Excursion?

Vialand Istanbul is the biggest entertainment park in Istanbul. It is also the biggest shopping center with its park, aquapark, theme park, and shopping center. It is a life center with shops, cinemas, restaurants, and parks where you can spend all day. King Kong and 110 km Roller Coaster will be one of your favorites. Vialand also has lots of shops with old Istanbul-style and Ottoman-style houses and buildings. You and your family can also enjoy with waterpark and kid fun center. Park has the last technology devices and most secured units.

This Theme Park – as big as 100 football stadiums – has an entertainment capacity of 13 thousand people. Here are some funs that you can enjoy:
ROLLER COASTER – Everyone from all four corners of the world is lined up for this ride! On the Breath Taker, genuine fun with speed reaching 110 km in 3 seconds, relax and let yourself go! Feel free to scream!
FAMILY COASTER – The Adventurer which takes you 30 meters high at 80 km, is popular all over the world. An exciting outdoor tour awaits you.
SPLASH COASTER – If you like water-filled fun the Viking, the 4th most popular train ride in the world, will be your favorite.
DROP TOWER — If you want to take a good look at Vialand from above take your place on the Justice Tower and experience the fun of going 50 meters up, 360 – Genuine adrenaline addicts turn their daring into fun on the 360. How does Vialand look from 28 meters high and upside down? You’ll never know unless you try it!
CRAZY RIVER – A wild adventure that will last for 700 meters in the middle of a cascading waterfall! FATIH DARK RIDE — You say “Off to 1453 please!” and the Conqueror’s Dream takes you back to the day Istanbul was conquered.

You will have free time in the mall. Following your free time, you will be driven back to your hotel.

What is included in the cost of the Vialand Park shopping Mall Excursion?


  • Lunch
  • Attraction fees
  • Beverages

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Istanbul Vialand Park shopping Mall Excursion

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