Pamukkale Culinary Taste of Sweetness Tour

Give yourself a taste of sweetness and discover the culinary secrets in Pamukkale for 1 day.

What to see during your Culinary Taste of Sweetness Tour in Pamukkale?

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What to expect during your Culinary Taste of Sweetness Tour in Pamukkale?

After we did pick you up from the hotel, we will start with a lovely breakfast at the Guney Waterfall. The waterfall is located in the Cindra village of the Güney district of Denizli Province.
The waterfalls are spectacular in terms of natural beauty and are a protected area of the first degree. Güney waterfall is the 23rd in the overall ranking of Turkey’s natural wonders.
The waterfall waters begin 3 km away from the mountain Cindra, close to the river Big Menderes. The waterfall is rippling limestone water from about 20 meters high, resulting in a variety of steps and formations of limestone in the bed of the waterfall.
After breakfast, we drive to Denizli where we will visit the center of Denizli.

After we did the visit we will visit the most famous and best Kebapci in Turkey. We will go to the area known as Şahin Tepesi with its magnificent view of Denizli. When you eat this kebab, you will always be in your mind. Lamb meat, which is cut into pieces such as forearms, ribs, and fillets, is threaded onto stainless hooked skewers by putting lard between them. Copper vessels are placed under the skewers that are hung from their hooks in the oven. Oils filtered from the meat while cooking accumulates in these containers. Afterward, the pita loaves of bread are dipped in this oil.

After our wonderful meal, we will continue with our visit to Denizli. After the meal, we lost some energy by visiting the area. Now we will take you to the land of sweets and chocolates unique to Denizli to regain our energy. It is also known as Turkey’s oldest and most famous dessert center. Here you can try semolina halva with ice cream, which is the only one in the world, and eat many other chocolates, Turkish delights, and desserts. After you eat your sweets we drive to back your Hotel/Çardak Airport/Denizli Bus Station.

What is included and excluded During the Excursion?


  • Tips to driver and guide
  • Entrance Cleopatra Pool
  • Beverages

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Pamukkale Culinary Taste of Sweetness Tour

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