Pamukkale Kaklik Cave Excursion

What to expect during the daily Pamukkale Kaklik Cave excursion?

Discover the wonder of Nature is the perfect combination to do if you are staying in Hotel in Pamukkale. The tour includes a visit to Pamukkale and the travertines and as well as the little cousin Of Pamukkale named Kaklik Cave which is underground.

What to see during the Pamukkale Kaklik Cave tour?

What is the itinerary of the Pamukkale Kaklk Cave Excursion?

We will pick you up from your hotel in Pamukkale or Karahayit at 09.15 -09:30. We will take you to see the Red Water Hot Springs in Karahayit. Here we will tell you about the Red Water and its history, and give you free time to experience its uniqueness yourself. After that visit, we drive in the direction of Pamukkale.
Our first destination will be the North Gate of Hierapolis. You will discover the history of Hierapolis. You will see the Necropolis, Baths and the Basilica, Frontinius Gate, Frontinius Street, Byzantine Gate, Latrine, the Triton Fountain, and the Temple of Apollo, the ancient theater.
Then we will enter the Cleopatra pool, where Cleopatra has taken her beauty and our guide will provide you with free time to swim and take photographs. In the Cleopatra pool, we will relax our bodies and add a little sparkle to our beauty, and we will leave to see the Travertines, one of the most famous places. We will bring you together with the calcium-formed white cliffs described as the world’s largest unique white paradise. You will be able to spend an hour freely on the Travertines. Enjoy the combination of naturally formed white cliffs and hot water ponds here.
After the visit antique city tour, we will go to a stylish local restaurant where we will have a delicious meal with an extensive open buffet.
Later on, after our meal, we will take a 30-minute drive from Pamukkale to Kaklik cave. We will enter the magical Kaklik cave and see the chemical formations and lovely travertines situated underground. You will be amazed by the beauty which that cave is giving when you enter it. Our tour will end here and we will accompany you back to your hotel.

What is the daily Excursion Tour Program?

  • 09:30 AM Pick up from your hotel and full day Pamukkale Tour starts.
  • Drive to Karahayit to see Red Spring Water.
  • Visit Hierapolis and see Necropolis, Roman Baths, Domitian Gate, Latrina, Oil Factory, Frontinious Street, Agora, Byzantium Gate, Triton Fountain, Cathedral, Apollon Temple, Plutonium, Theater, Antique Pool.
  • Walking on the travertines and taking a swim.
  • Lunch in a local restaurant.
  • Vist of Kaklik Cave
  • 06:00 PM Drive back to your hotel.

What is included and excluded During the Pamukkale Kaklik Cave Excursion?


  • Entrance for swimming in Cleopatra Pool
  • Beverages

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Pamukkale Kaklik Cave Excursion

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