Pamukkale Upside Down House

Have a blast and get to see the world from a different perspective, with a visit to Pamukkale Upside Down House! The Fun Feelings of the Pamukkale Upside Down House Down House is one of the most exciting things you can do while in Pamukkale and guarantees laughter, fun, and great memories!

What to see when visiting the upside-down house in Pamukkale?

What to expect when visiting the upside-down house in Pamukkale?

You can visit Pamukkale Upside Down House on any day of the week. Upon booking, you will receive some more information about your visit. Be ready on time, as a comfortable and fully air-conditioned car will pick you up from your hotel. Members of our team will drive you to this specially designed-house, which is a short drive away.

Pamukkale Upside Down House is what its name says, a special house that is assembled the other way! It features various rooms, which are decorated and equipped with items of everyday life. However, everything is upside down. Practically, when you enter the house, you will have the opportunity to hang from the floor, walk on the ceilings, and see everything from a different perspective. The concept became particularly popular due to its ability to offer visitors a sense of illusions.

The visit to Pamukkale Upside Down House is listed among the family-friendly experiences. In fact, children can have a great time when in this specially designed house, and you can share some quality time as a family and experience the playful atmosphere. By the end of your visit, a car will drive you back to the place of your accommodation.

What is included in the Excursion?


  • Beverages

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Pamukkale Upside Down House

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