What cost a Guided Excursion to visit Pamukkale?

We are sure that some of you already heard the following question ” Are you interested to visit Pamukkale with the daily Pamukkale tour ” and on that question, we will give the contras and pros concerning the daily Guided Pamukkale Tour.

How much time do you need to visit Pamukkale?

If you are not in a rush you need to understand that the smallest time to visit Pamukkale takes 5 hours, with no notice or idea of what you are seeing. If you are just interested in seeing the pools and not Hierapolis and Necropolis, well go for it and your visit will be done in 3 hours as it takes already a half hour to walk from Pamukkale to the top by the pools. With a daily Guided Pamukkale tour, you will start always with a little extra such as the visit to Karahayit ( Red thermal Springs). The professional Guide will lead you to all the important places in Hierapolis, Necropolis, Cleopatra Pool, and the White travertines and even show you the most lovely and allowed places to take a dip in the pools. You will receive all information concerning the buildings, information on the water flow, and restoration of the pools that keeps everybody busy, as Pamukkale shows most places dry. But all that is done with purposes.

What will I see during the Guided Pamukkale Excursion?

The advantages of a tour are mostly simple, a detailed tour that is organized to give you as much information and as many places to visit in a certain time schedule such as 5 to 6 hours. Less walking from one place to the other as during the tour transportation will be offered. During the tour, you will get lunch and transfer back to your hotel at the end of the tour.

What to expect during the daily guided Pamukkale tour.?

It all depends on each guide and company that organizes the tour. But must-sees are the old baths in Hierapolis and the Tombs, the old Gate, the old Amphi Theatre, the Cleopatra bath, and the public pools as pools that are protected by UNESCO.

Can we swim in the Pamukkale pools?

During the tour, the guide will give you plenty of time to take a swim in the pools, even in the winter as the water from the springs in the natural pools has a temperature of about 35 degrees and is considered to be good for your health. In any case, half an hour’s swimming in one of the hot springs will give you a relaxed feeling.

Pictures of Places in Pamukkale