Why can’t you wear shoes at the pools in Pamukkale?

You can’t wear shoes at the pools.

Once you’re inside you’ll notice that part of the travertine terraces are actually closed off. This is to preserve them and actually give them the chance to restore again. Tons and tons of people frequently visit this place on a daily basis so you can imagine the damage this does to the area. And people aren’t always as mindful as they should be.

Many people walking around the travertines with their shoes on, THIS IS NOT ALLOWED! In order to minimize damage at the pools, visitors must walk barefoot, so be sure to bring shoes you can remove easily.

You should pack lightly and put your bathing suit on.

There’s no place to store your belongings at the pools, so you’ll have to carry whatever you bring with you. Leave the fancy camera at the hotel and bring just the essentials in a waterproof day bag. Sunglasses, sunscreen, water and flip-flops are a must! If you’re interested in taking a dip in one of the pools, you’ll want to bring your swimsuit and a change of clothes along as well.

Why is Pamukkale white-colored?

Pamukkale lies on an important fault line of western Anatolia where Tectonic movements cause frequent earthquakes in the area which give rise to the emergence of a number of hot springs warmed up by subterranean heat and coming out at 33-36 Celcius.

That water contains calcium hydro carbonate. The water from these springs created Pamukkale with its large mineral content. When the hot water is in touch with the carbon dioxide, it starts to lose its warmth, and also carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are released into the air. As a result, the calcium carbonate is precipitated. Over time, the water dries and the calcium petrifies, leaving the Cotton Castle with that perfect white color. Thousands of years of calcium deposits being layered on top of each other create the amazing travertine pools that you see today! The best place to make your best Instagramable pictures is by sunrise or dawn. But wait what is the best moment to take those lovely pictures?

Can you Take a Bathe in the Antique Pool of Pamukkale?

The Antique Pool, also known as Cleopatra’s Swimming Pool, is close to the Archeological Museum at the top of the hill but is not included in the standard ticket price. To enter the pool you’ll have to pay extra and make sure to bring your own towels. There are changing rooms and toilets present if you wish to use these Inside the pool are marble columns, that fell in from the Temple of Apollo during an earthquake. It is therefore believed that the Antique Pool is a sacred pool.

What is the best moment to visit Pamukkale?

You will hear from everyone that the best time to visit Pamukkale is at sunrise. That is not true! It’s true if you are just trying to avoid the massive crowds that will . But what nobody tells you is that it takes the sun being higher in the sky to get the amazing colors and reflections that Pamukkale’s pools are famous for. The sun rises from behind Pamukkale, so by the time the sunlight hits the pools it’s already later in the morning.

Also, if you made it in by sunrise you’re probably thinking, ‘great, I have the entire place to myself.’ And you will, but just for a brief second (30 minutes or so). Don’t take this time for granted – those first tour buses get there pretty early too. Hurry up and take your pictures, damn it!

Can you still swim in Pamukkale?

On the terraces of Pamukkale, the authorities sometimes give water to different points so that the travertines do not darken. You can enter those waters. You can choose the cleopatra pool in Pamukkale for swimming.