FAQs about Blue Cruises?

What is a Blue Cruise?

Blue Cruise became a typical use byword in the Turkish Tourism Industry. And mentioned as a Sailing Trip on a Gullet in the Aegean and Mediterranean area and coasts. A cruise is generally starting in famous Ports such as Bodrum, Didim, Fethiye, or Antalya. The Blue Cruise offers the best possible escape on the water: a means of forgetting the rigors of everyday life for a while and just letting go of time.

Wherever you may come from, and however old you may be, after a week or two afloat in this scenic wonderland, you will become one heart with the beauty and serenity of nature. Both body and mind will revel in this healthy, happy environment.

Which yachts are used for Blue Cruises?

The cruising yacht is traditional wooden Gullets, built in the South Western Aegean region. Their size may be 17-30 meters, with 4-10 cabin capacities. With its roomy deck at the stern, this traditional boat is perfect for passengers to savor the delights of cruising the inlets and coves. The word derives from the Italian ‘Giulietta’.
The early history of this sailing boat remains largely unknown, apart from the fact that building these boats in Turkey is a tradition unique to Bodrum, although the gulet itself is suitable for sailing in all seas.
The type of wood used for building the boats can be pine, mulberry, or mahogany.

What alternatives exist in Blue cruising?

For the type of Blue Voyage we offer, you don’t have to hold a skipper’s license, nor do you need to be an avid sailor. For private charters, we provide you with a traditional wooden yacht with a crew. If you cannot get a group together so as to take your own yacht, you still have the opportunity to join one of our weekly cabin charter cruises.

Which season is best for Blue Cruises?

Between the end of July and the beginning of September. July and August days are long and hot and the nights are warm. June, the beginning of July, and all of September offer a better combination, with warm days and cool evenings. The water in September can be especially warm in places.

What costs a typical Blue Cruise?

The prices are different for all types of Blue Cruises, depending on the size of the Yacht, the total of Passengers, and as well the included services. By some Blue Cruises, all is included and mostly different. Always check good what de cruise offers you.

How do we spend time on the yacht?

During the day, we cruise for a few hours and sail if the wind allows. Closer to lunch or dinner, we approach the land and drop anchor in a solitary bay, alongside a small village or off an island. At every stop, and there will be at least two per day, there is the opportunity to swim, fish, snorkel, windsurf, sunbathe, take a trip ashore or just read under the shade of the sun awning. The accent is on relaxation and recreation.