FAQs and cost price of Paragliding Pamukkale?

FAQs and cost price of Paragliding Pamukkale?

What Costs Paragliding in Pamukkale?

Interested in Paragliding in Pamukkale as you did look for answers. While you are reading this, we will answer most questions we get from our customers at Moonstar Tour when they do book the experience. Let’s find it out together and get your answers here.

The price today depends on which company you fly with. Paragliding in Pamukkale can cost in the range between $50 and $75 per person. The cost depends included with pictures and video and also on whether is peak season or not. Usually, the duration is a 1-hour with approx a 15 min flight, including a transfer from and to your hotel.

Is Pamukkale Paragliding Safe?

A safe paragliding tandem flight requires some organization and preparation. The weather must be good, the equipment must be prepared and maintained, and the clothing and other equipment must be adapted to the conditions. Paragliding in Pamukkale Turkey will be perfectly safe. Our pilots and staff are perfectly trained to give you a safe flight experience. By the start, there is no freefall drop, just a gentle taking off and floating over the Pamukkale forest and after that a smooth flight above Pamukkale and Hierapolis, with no rapid decline, and by the end, a landing with just a gentle touchdown.

Is there a minimum age and maximum weight for Paragliding in Pamukkale?

Paragliding Pamukkale is the perfect attraction for all ages from 6 – 99 years old. If you’re a passenger, the tandem paragliding weight limit usually ranges between 110 -120 kg or 242-264 pounds. This allows for a maximum limit of 220-240 kilograms or 485 – 529 pounds for the pilot, passenger, and any equipment being carried.

Will I suffer from vertigo during my Pamukkale Paragliding flight?

If you suffer from vertigo there will be No problem at all! You won’t have it when paragliding because it is a feeling that only exists when you are in contact with the ground. As soon as you take off, you will not suffer at all from Vertigo.

Can I carry my backpack during the Pamukkale Paragliding flight?

There is no room in the paraglider backpack for backpacks, walking sticks, etc. But we can take a jacket, a mobile phone, and a wallet with us without any problems. The other utensils you bring with you can be deposited in our cars or at our booking place.

When is the best time to fly Pamukkale Paragliding?

You can fly practically at any time of the day or year. In the morning the air is calmer and no turbulences are disturbing the flight. In the afternoon – especially in summer – it can become a bit more thermally active, but this often allows us to ascend. If this becomes too uncomfortable for a passenger, one can easily leave this upwind and steer in the opposite direction to the landing site. Even in winter, you can fly tandem. The air here is usually very calm.

Do I have to be Athletic to fly Paragliding Pamukkale?

A certain level of sporting fitness is of course an advantage, but not absolutely necessary. You still have to be able to walk. Often we have to walk a little to the actual starting place. But diseases such as high blood pressure, circulatory disorders, heart complaints, etc. must be reported when ordering.

Which weather is suitable for flying Paragliding in Pamukkale?

We fly all year round even in the winter, but only in conditions that allow safe flight.

The sun does not have to shine necessarily and also with a cloudy sky one flies. The wind must not be too strong and must come from the right direction. Our tandem pilots know when to fly and when not. However, weather conditions can lead to changes in dates or flight locations and, if necessary, to cancellations at short notice.

Can we fly paragliding Pamukkale with our partner or as a group?

Yes, you can as we can arrange flights for several people. Please let us know if you want to start at the same time. The bigger the group, the earlier we need your registration. We can take off with up to 5 or 6 gliders at the same time, depending on the location and weather conditions.

Can I trust the pilot and fly Pamukkale Paragliding with a clear conscience?

Our tandem pilots have a lot of experience in both solo and tandem flying. The pilots fly very often and under different flight conditions. , All the pilots are professionals with years of paragliding experience Pamukkale Safety at Moonstar Tour Pamukkale Paragliding is our top priority, we do not compromise and therefore sometimes make unpopular decisions, i.e. we also cancel flights when safety is in question.

What do I have to do at the start of Paragliding Pamukkale?

Your tandem pilot will give you a detailed briefing before the start and do a test run. It is very important when starting that you do not sit down as a passenger but run along until the pilot says that you can now take a seat in the harness.

How long is a Paragliding Pamukkale Flight?

This is often a central question. You can’t say that in general. The flight times are between 10 min and 20 min, depending on the thermal, wind, and condition of the passenger. The pure flight time, however, is not the only decisive factor for the experience value.

Many passengers get rather bad in strong thermals and with long flight times. In our experience, the optimal flight time for the first flight is about 15 minutes. You will fly over Pamukkale’s white travertines, Hierapolis, Necropolis, and the olive fields in the area. For more experienced passengers or those who want a longer flight, we offer various options to book an appropriate flight.

How is the Paragliding Pamukkale landing?

During the landing, you stand up in the harness and walk a few steps during the touchdown. The pilot will draw your attention to this before or during the flight.

What will I see during my Paragliding Pamukkale?