What cost a day in Pamukkale?

What costs the entrance to Pamukkale?

The general entrance ticket is 200 Turkish Lira TRY (11 € or 11 USD) for adults and children and grants. There are three different entrances for the Hierapolis Archaeological Site: Pamukkale town entrance, North entrance, and South entrance. General opening times are between 06:30 to 20:00 in the summer. To swim in the Cleopatra pool you need to pay 110 Turkish Lira TRY ( 6 € or 6 USD) in extra.

What costs a daily excursion or tour with a guide?

You can visit Pamukkale with daily excursions or guided tours. The cost price variated between 25 and 45 € or USD. It all depends on the tour time if food is included or not and as well the tour quality. A cheap tour doesn’t mean anytime a good guided tour but mostly a cheap excuse to get you shopping outside Pamukkale.

Pamukkale is this surreal landscape made up of mineral forests, and a series of terraced basins formed from a geological phenomenon of hot springs with a high content of calcite-laden waters, which cooled and hardened leaving calcium deposits.

Will Pamukkale be preserved for generations to come?

The main current threat to the site’s integrity is from tourism infrastructure development and high tourist numbers, as well as domestic sewage and pollution. The hotel development has been pushed back and the commercial use of water comes under control which gives a return to the quality of the travertine deposit. But there are still several people that don’t follow the rules such as walking with shoes on the travertines which is damaging to the travertines and don’t walk on the travertines in any other part of the park.

How can you as a traveler Preserve the Beauty of Pamukkale?

If you like to visit and see the best places in Pamukkale, take the option to do the Pamukkale tour with a professional guide. and he or she will show you the best places to visit and enjoy Pamukkale with its still-hidden beauties. We know from the boardwalk, that it’s a short jump down to the travertines where people take the liberty to explore as they please and make that wow shot to post on Facebook, in the forbidden-to-walk zones, but think at the generations to come and help us to preserve the beauty of Pamukkale.

Where can you swim in Pamukkale?

There are still two areas where you can swim at Pamukkale- the public travertine pools and Cleopatra’s Pool. The public travertine pools are automatically included with your entrance ticket. For the Cleopatra pool, there’s an additional fee to enter Cleopatra’s Pool, which is a hot spring.

Can we carry our luggage and backpack during the Pool visits?

Not at all which is forbidden by the rules. The preservation and conservation of the travertines are at risk due to heavy foot traffic, which is why the park is already more than generous with the amount of space they allow people to explore. The least you can do is respect the freedom they give you and keep shoes off your feet to minimize erosion.

What does Pamukkale look like?

What is still to expect during your visit to Pamukkale?