Cappadocia Mixed Tour

Experience the Cappadocia Mixed Red and Green Tour and the best of Cappadocia in one day. You will dream away in this magical entourage and scenery.

What to expect during the mixed Mixed Red and Green Tour?

İn Cappadocia mix tour We will pick you up from your hotel with our guide, bus, and driver at 09:30 – 09:45. We go directly to Kaymakli Underground City. Here is the biggest and largest underground city in Cappadocia. Kaymaklı Underground City features a maze of tunnels and rooms carved eight levels deep into the earth (only four of them are open). The city is arranged around the ventilation shafts which bring in air. Early inhabitants chose to live some of the time underground as protection against the heat and the marauding tribes who regularly passed through the region looking to attack and plunder. The first level was meant for stables, the second level had a church and some living areas, and the third level was kitchens and storage. Current inhabitants of Kaymaklı still use parts of the underground city for storage, stables, and cellars.

Almost half an hour later we will arrive at Uchisar, Pigeon Valley. On Cappadocia Mix Tour You can see a unique panoramic view of Pigeon Valley, take photos, see hundreds of pigeon houses, and feed the pigeons. Then we forward to Uchisar Castle and you can watch a breathtaking Cappadocia view. This fantastic rock formation is the highest place in Cappadocia to watch Cappadocia as panoramic.

After that, we go to Goreme Open Air Museum which entered the Unesco World Heritage List in 1985. You can see rock churches, carved chapels built by early Christians, and an orthodox monastery sheltered to escape from Roman attacks. You can see very well-preserved frescoes on the walls of churches and chapels. These frescoes are paintings that have come by resisting the corrosive effects of time. The frescoes are from the 5th. century.
And lunchtime. You have a chance to taste Turkish delicious in a local restaurant.

After lunch we forward to Love Valley. You will see a lovely valley view and take sweet photos. Also, your guide will give important information about Cappadocia. You will have free time to take photos and explore yourself the area. Our second stop will be Red & Rose Valley. We walk in these valleys for about 2-3 KM… You will see different color schemes in these valleys. Also, we will see one or two ancient churches. Your guide will give information about formations.
After a lovely valley visit, we go to Cavusin. An impressive cliff visible from afar is located in the upper Çavusin. This rock is composed of numerous cave dwellings, inhabited until the early 60s. The landslide risk is important, the Turkish state has decided to relocate the people to stone houses built in lower Cavusin. The rock is also home to two rock churches. That of St. John the Baptist is perched on top of the promontory. The Saint-Jean church is accessible by an iron staircase located along the main road through the village. Another church is visible in the center.

Our last stop is Pasabagi (Monks) Valley. Pasabagi is the best place to see three-hatted fairy chimneys. Also, you can understand the formation of Cappadocia from up to down.
After the tour, we take you back to your hotel or wherever you want.

What is the Cappadocia mixed tour Program?

  • Pick up from your hotel and Tour starts.
  • Full-day excursion as the best mix of the Red and Green Tour
  • Lunch in restaurant
  • Drive back to your hotel.

What is included in the cost of the Cappadocia Mixed Tour?


  • Admission fees to attractions
  • All sightseeing mentioned in the itinerary
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Private Transfer service from Hotels
  • Private Guide


  • Beverages
  • Photo and video

What other excursions can you do in Cappadocia?

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Cappadocia Mixed Tour

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