Istanbul Turkish Bath Experience

Spoil Yourself With The Best Turkish Bath In Istanbul. Join an experience like no other with a revitalizing Turkish bath session at the oldest Hamam in Turkey which is the Çemberlitas Bath. Except for offering you the chance to immerse yourself in the Ottoman bathing rituals, it is also an outstanding monument worth visiting. This Istanbul Turkish Bath activity is available on a daily basis, at any time that suits your schedule the most. Treat yourself to experience, and release the stress, and atmosphere of a Hamam.

What to expect during the Turkish Bath Session in Istanbul?

What do we get during the Istanbul Turkish Bath Experience?

Our Istanbul Turkish Bath experience invites you to embark on an ultra-relaxing hamam session. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation containing important information regarding your chosen time. However, it would be great if you go to the hamam a little bit early, as the building itself is truly imposing and monumental. The facility is located in the city center, thus it offers easy access irrespective of where your hotel is in Istanbul.

What truly makes this activity special is that it takes place on a hamam that dates back to the Ottoman era, and remains fully operational today. It was constructed in 1584 and forms one of the oldest companies in Turkey with non-stop operations. Back then, the hamam was constructed as a double bath, one for men and one for women. Thus, there were two identical baths, one next to the other. The entrance of the facility is impressive. 10 steps lead you below the road level, while at the top of the door there is an inscription with six lines and three columns. It is important to mention that, even today, women use a different facility than the one used by men as it is dictated by the hamam tradition.

Once you enter the hamam you will immediately receive a flawless sense of relaxation. The atmosphere sets the tone for what will follow; a fully immersive spa-like activity. At first, you will enter the hot room where the temperature and the steams will prepare your skin. During the hot room phase, your mind will start releasing pressure.

After spending some time there, the attendant will offer you an incredible full-body scrub. This process removes all the dead cells of your skin, allowing it to breathe. Your skin will become smooth and soft. In addition, scrubbing improves the circulation of your blood. In the end, the attendant will offer you a foam massage. The bubbly foam will revitalize your skin and make you feel brand new.

The Turkish bath experience finishes with the attendant washing your body. Once you feel the water washing your body, get ready to receive a unique blend of emotions. The whole process is a ritual, aiming in relaxing both, your mind and body.

What is included in the cost of the Istanbul Turkish Bath Experience?


  • Extra Massages
  • Beverages

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Istanbul Turkish Bath Experience

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