What costs an Excursion or Holiday in Turkey during the Winter like?

During the winter, people prefer to sit at home and watch the snow fall while others can’t wait to get outside and make snowballs and snow angels. The choice is yours of course but maybe you should consider a winter vacation in Turkey. Turkey has three different climate zones due to its immense size. The winters in Turkey start in mid-December and end in mid-March. Different regions of Turkey experience a different quality of winter.

What are the Facts about Turkey during the winter?

Turkey has always been seen as a summer holiday destination, but Turkey is as well attractive in the winter. Turkey is quieter in winter, so you won’t have to deal with a lot of tourist crowds. What brings us to another point is the cost of holidays during the winter, due to cheaper places or accommodations and, especially the activities.

What places should you visit during the winter in Turkey?

Our first choice goes to Cappadocia as this is one of the best winter destinations in Turkey. It feels like a winter-sculpted wonderland. It would be a lie if we would not include or not mention Istanbul as a winter destination in Turkey, regardless of the weather in Turkey during winter. What brings us to Pamukkale with visitors from around the globe, throughout the year, for her famous thermal water and Thermal resorts.

Why Turkey became popular with its thermal water resources?

We know that the healing effect of hot spring water has been utilized by many cultures for centuries. For ages, people took advantage of thermal centers for health. Various minerals in hot spring water solve different kinds of health problems and provide significant help in medical treatment. Turkey is considered the largest and among the top three nations for resort spas and wellness applications and facilities in Europe. There are more than 1,400 thermal water sources in Turkey, the temperature of which varies between 20°C and 110°C. Is by the end the reason why Turkey became a popular destination for medical travel is because of hot spring bath cures, Turkish Baths or Hamam, massage therapy, salt rooms, and general wellness and thermal cure centers.

Can you ski in Turkey?

If you are looking to ski in other places and not just in Europe like Switzerland, Italy, France or Austria then Turkey in winter is a good skiing choice for you. During winter Turkey offers snow and ski activities. There are amazing ski resorts such as Kartepe, Uludag, Erzurum, Denizli, and Ercyes. These resorts can surely compete with other big ski resorts in Europe, and with cheaper expenses.

Are all airports open in Turkey during the winter?

Turkey has always offered international winter flights but some smaller airports such as Bodrum, Marmaris, and Kusadasi are closed to international flights in winter but there are scheduled flights via Istanbul. During the winter all domestic flights between all airports are available.

Is it safe to drive a car on Turkish roads during the winter?

Driving in Turkey during winter is very safe. When heavy snowfall crews are working around-the-clock to keep the roads clear of snow. They try to keep it safe as you will drive safely and do not forget winter tires are obliged from 1st December until 1st April. Snow chains can be fitted when the road surface is covered with snow while the use of studded tires is prohibited.

What to visit in Turkey during the winter?