What to do or visit in Antalya?

Antalyais one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Turkey, where many tourists get off the plane to be taken directly to their hotel on the coast by shuttle bus or private transfers. Antalya has a wealth of culture to offer and for those who want to see something of the country, it is definitely worth paying a little more attention to Antalya. The city is thousands of years old and already mentioned in the Bible, but also has a modern side. For example, it is possible to visit the historic churches and monasteries in the city. Hundreds of years ago, it was the Greeks and the Armenians who lived in Antalya. They have ensured that the number of historic buildings has become so large that it has become a popular attraction for the current generation of tourists. The great thing is that Antalya has exactly that to offer and that is why it attracts so many visitors, both in summer and winter.

What is worth visiting in Antalya?

There is plenty to do in the city. The pedestrianized Kaleiçi district has markets, restaurants, and shops that are open late into the evening. Some buildings date back to Roman times. The most famous attraction of old Antalya is the Hadrian’s Gate, an almost two-thousand-year-old gate. The old port of the city borders Kaleiçi, where you can enjoy a nice walk along the historic city wall. It is also possible to participate in everything one can think of in the field of water sports such as Aqua Park, which is located on the eastern coast of the city, and boat tours, horse riding or Jeep Safari with the family.

Is there a Jeep Safari Excursion in Antalya?

The jeep safaris are popular day activities for tourists and can be booked everywhere. Anyone who dares to do this will take a jeep into the mountainous scenery and will pass through beautiful nature reserves and cute typical small villages. The jeeps drive through small rivers and often stop at waterfalls along the way. The literal highlight of the trip is the Taurus Mountains. The view is beautiful and you will discover the wilder side of Turkey.

What visiting in Side?

In the middle of the Turkish Riviera lies the seaside resort of Side, surrounded by the most beautiful resorts on the edge of white beaches. The city of Side was also founded in antiquity, but, unlike Antalya, has not grown into a metropolis. As a result, the land where the Roman and Greek ruins stand was not needed, so these ruins of temples and theaters can still be seen. When you walk to the peninsula belonging to Side and go off the main road, chances are you will come across a column, crumbling wall, or antique gate. The center of Side is very geared toward tourism, so you will not be short of anything and you can also get a nice souvenir. Another special feature of Side is the sandy beach in the center of the city.

What do you see during a visit to Kekova and Demre?

Demre is mainly visited for its eerie-looking rock tombs and the adjacent Roman amphitheater. Close to Demre is also the island of Kekova with the sunken city of the same name, the ruins of which lie half in the water and can be visited by boat. The nice thing about all these buildings is that they are in such a condition that it is quite easy for visitors to imagine the long-gone times in which they were built.

Is Antalya Rafting Safe to do for kids?

Kids should be minimum of 5 years old to go rafting. Kids between 5 and 10 years can sit in the middle of the raft and they are not allowed to paddle. Antalya Rafting is for sure safe for all people. with the proper equipment and professional guidance. We just consider pregnant women not to do that attraction.