How do you get to and what to visit in Kas?

Kaş is located on the Lycian coast, between Dalaman and Antalya. The town is located on a bay with the Taurus Mountains in the background. Many years before it used to be a small fishing village. This is partly due to its location. From the late 60s and 70s, it was a place where hippies passed their time and were a famous rendezvous place for them. Until 1980 Kaş was only accessible via narrow paths as no roads were leading to Kaş. Today the hippies did leave, and lovely roads were built which results until today the town has not yet been overrun by tourists and has retained its charm. Kaş today is popular among divers from all over the World. Kaş is the number one spot in Turkey for diving and among the first 50 places in the World.

What to visit in Kaş?

The center itself is small, but those colors and those smells make it more special, and where you can still see Greek influences, for example, the houses with wooden balconies. The Greek island of Meis is less than twenty minutes by boat. Kaş is a maze of narrow streets, each steeper than the next, full of restaurants and shops. Fortunately, Kaş is not a place for mass tourism. It’s a nice place to wander around and enjoy the sun. It is an ideal base for excursions by boat to beautiful beaches and amazing diving spots around the islands.

Can you dive in Kas?

Because Kaş is a good distance from the major cities of Fethiye and Antalya and close to the airports. and because Kaş is one of the cleanest dive sites in the world and there has always been attention to nature, There is visibility up to 25 meters underwater. In addition, the water temperature is very pleasant during the year. From mid-January to mid-May the temperature is about 15 degrees, but after that, the temperature quickly rises to about 28 degrees in August. Because many underground rivers flow into the sea, the water still feels nice and fresh at that temperature. In August the temperature drops again, but in December the water is still about 20 degrees. The underwater landscape is just as varied as that on land; with steep rock formations with deep gorges, rich flora and fauna, and here too cultural heritages in the form of sunken shipwrecks and even an airplane wreck. All these different dive sites are easy to reach and the combination of all these factors makes Kaş the best dive site in Turkey and among the first 50 in the world.

How much cost diving in Kas?

It all depends on the company you are diving with. Also how many dives do you like to do and as well if you have a diving license or not? The prices are variating between 45 and 65 € or USD per person for a full-day dive excursion in Kas.

What to see during your dive in Kas?

What can you expect in the Kaş district?

The Kaş district covers approximately 2,200 km2 and has a population of 50,000.

Where we do have Patara which is known for its protected natural areas. The beaches are pristine and slope gently, leaving the sea shallow over a considerable area. The Caretta turtle has its home there. But Patara is more than just natural beauty. It also occupies a unique place in history. The world’s first representative democracy was founded here in 168 BC. And remains of the oldest lighthouse in the world have been found in Kaş.

After a visit to Kaş, you will understand why the town attracts the old hippies with long hair and divers and why so much music from the 70s is played in the bars.