How much costs entrance Up side-down house in Pamukkale?

PamukkaleUpside Down House is all about what the name says. It is a special house that is been assembled the other way! It features various rooms, which are decorated and equipped with items of everyday life. However, everything is upside down.

What does it look like inside the house?

Practically, when you enter the house, you will have the opportunity to hang from the floor, walk on the ceilings, and see everything from a different perspective.

When is this side-down house in Pamukkale built?

The reverse villa, which laid its foundation in 2019 and opened its doors to its visitors as of July 5, is flooded with visitors. The villa impresses with its interior and exterior architecture as All items such as curtains, kitchen furniture, toilet, bedroom, cupboards, sitting groups, and washing machine are located on the ceiling.

Can everybody visit the Upside-down house in Pamukkale?

Yes, all ages will adore that house and have that funny moment and impression to walk upside down. But keep in mind that the second floor of Pamukkale Upside Down Houseis not wheelchair accessible.

What do we expect to see during the visit?

Pamukkale Upside Down House

No there is an entrance fee to pay, which is included in the price, the visit to the house as long you wish, and a guide that will help you to create the funniest pictures with your phone. You will pay 3 USD or € for the entrance.