8 Days Marmaris Bodrum One Way Blue Cruise

Enjoy 8 days charter gulet cruise on the Aegean Sea, from Bodrum to Marmaris, and back surround by Crystal Blue waters. The route of the cruise is fixed, as are the ports of embarkation and disembarkation. Bodrum Marmaris route is the most magical route for blue cruises being organized with gullet yachts along the Southwestern coasts of Turkey.

What to expect during the 8 Days Marmaris – Bodrum One Way Blue Cruise?

Day 1: Marmaris Harbor

You will get transferred to your Gulet. Guests arrive in Marmaris Harbor and board the yacht. Welcome, drink, and information about the yacht and tour program. Dinner on board and visit town.Embarkation to the Gulet. The city of Marmaris is rich in history and steeped in ancient culture. It is a beautiful and exciting starting point for all tourists that want to sail the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic seas. Apart from the incredibly inviting waters, you get to enjoy all the modern amenities of a central tourist town with local cuisine, day and night attractions, and access to the amenities of the harbor and port. It is a perfect time to take stock of your provisions and add any extra items that you might want before you set sail, directing Aquarium Bay.
Abdi Reis Bay, located at the exit of Marmaris, is Aquarium Bay. The sea is so clear that the aquarium deserves its name to the fullest. It’s also a great place to dive. The bay, the most preferred place for diving lovers, offers continuous diving activities and diving lessons. Take a dive lesson in the bay, which has a magnificent underwater view and various fish. If you are a professional, you can experience a long and fun diving adventure. Sea traffic is weighty in the bay near the Phosphorlu cave, busy with Marmaris boat tours. The bay, which has an epic beauty in languages, is frequented by domestic and foreign tourists. Sea-like sheets, plenty of suns, fine sands, and unique views are the most beautiful place on the boat routes, and the bay offers you great views both above and below the sea. The first overnight in that bay briefly introduces the Gulet and your traveling companions. Dinner on Board.

Day 2: Kumlubuku – Kardirga Harbor

It’s so quiet that you might even meet cows in the bay. It is one of the most popular bays of Marmaris, with its breathtaking sea and beach extending for about two km. Kumlubük Bay is famous for its fish restaurants. If you stay here during the Blue journey, you can eat your fish at night against the unique sea of Marmaris. Although the settlement is large, natural beauty is protected, and also has hiking areas, bicycle trails, and sports fields. There is also a cave that is believed to be from about 500 years ago that you should see when visiting the bay. A quiet, safe, and complete natural wonder, Kumlubük Bay is a great place where you can capture unforgettable moments by taking nature photos.

Day 3: Serçe Bay and Bozukkale

This morning we head on for Serçe port, the last end of the Bozburun Peninsula that only can be reached by land, which is one of the most preferred destinations for mooring Blue tour boats. The lack of settlements around makes the water in the port gleam. The coast has a restaurant serving only blue cruise passengers, several fishing boats, and guests from the sea. And there’s a cafe on the beach where you can meet your little needs. Although easy access from land is not a very regular bay, quiet calm, spending a holiday in peace is for you. You can experience unforgettable moments with the clarity of the water, the silence of the shore, and the image of the fish swimming at the bottom and immortalize these moments by photographing them.

Bozukkale (Loryma)

Bozukkale, located southwest of Marmaris, offers an unforgettable holiday experience with natural beauties and historical ruins. Although we offer all the necessary facilities for a holiday, the region offers different entertainment days and nights. You can swim as you wish in the bays with immaculate beaches, and at night you can have fun in the facilities located in the area. Bozukkale Bay, where boats traveling on the Marmaris-Bodrum route stay at night, is the most important stop for Blue Cruise boats with its sheltered position against the wind. In the bays, where transportation by road is challenging, three restaurants are serving only boat passengers. The most significant remnant of the ancient city of Loryma, located on the hill, is the 120-meter-long 10-meter-wide castle. Since only part of the castle has survived today, the region has been named Bozukkale. On the northern flank of the bay, there is another ancient castle at a difficult point to reach. We spend the night in Bozukkale Bay.

Day 4 Bozburun – Dirsekbükü Bay

Today we head onto Bozburun Peninsula is especially famous for yacht tourism and gulet shipyards. Traditional wooden gulet manufacturing is carried out here. Bozburun Town has sheltered bays. Because of this feature, they host the boats in Bozburun during the winter season, and repairs and maintenance are carried out. In summer, the entire Bozburun Peninsula is surrounded by boats. Yacht and boat tours organized in the region are of great interest to those exploring the surrounding bays. The upper half of the Bozburun Peninsula has a mountainous and wooded structure with steep slopes rising from sheltered bays. The southern part consists of more barren and rocky areas. The southern part is filled with ruins, most of which are buried under the ground, half with castles that observe hidden valleys and hidden harbors. A small number of ruins belonging to the ancient city of Larymna are located on Asar Hill, a 45-minute walk away. It has an ideal structure, especially for hiking. You can visit the natural and historical parts of the region by Trekking. The city walls and some tombstones are scattered around the place.


Dirsekbükü Bay, connected to Marmaris, is a sheltered bay located southwest of Hisaronu Bay. Dirsekbükü, located just south of the Cape of the pen, continues as a boot with its indentation turning to the west. Elbekbükü Bay is almost the most sheltered bay in the region, no matter the weather conditions. But it takes breathing in strong northerly winds. Dirsekbükü Bay has no way and is such a virgin place. The bottom of Dirsekbükü Bay is entirely sand.

Because of its water, the cleanliness of the sea, and sheltered nature, boats visit it. It is a route that is necessarily visited by Blue cruise boats, especially. A recess Beach was formed on the south side of Dirsekbükü Bay. Fishing boats and boats of villagers who make Village Bread usually stop here. This place is very sheltered and beautiful. There is a facility at the end of the bay and a dock in front of the property. The south side of this dock collapsed and submerged. On the dock, from the side of a stone bread oven to a restaurant built on the mountain’s edge, which does not have electricity, roads, and water dominating the bay. The image is perfect. The bay bottom structure, maquis slopes, and refreshing air have made this place preferred. In this bay, where the sea is also calm, you can do a holiday and relax.

Day 5: Emel Sayin Bay – Orhaniye Bay – Selimiye Bay

mel Sayin Bay

Emel Sayın Bay is one of the natural beauties where green and blue meet in Muğla. It also gets its name from Emel Sayın, who spends her holiday in Datça every year and sings songs at the almond Festival held in Datça. It hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, the bay is one of the most popular bays of Marmaris.

Orhaniye Bay

Orhaniye has a heavenly beauty with its magnificent nature and panoramic view covered with pine forests. Orhaniye, famous for its historical ruins and castle, is frequented by those who want to make nature, sea, and historical trips. Hisaronu Bay, located in Orhaniye, is one of the most important yacht mooring ports. Blue tour boats on the Marmaris-Muğla Route use this place to spend the night. Tourists can experience a unique holiday experience with activities in the region. In Orhaniye, which resembles a lake surrounded by mountains, you can spend peaceful, calm, and away from the city’s noise.

Selimiye Bay

Selimiye Bay gives everything you can expect from a holiday with its sea, beach, ruins of the ancient city of Hydras, neighboring bays, and islands located around it. Although there are not many large beaches with green and dominated bays, their cleanliness and clarity are enough. Located on the Bozburun peninsula, this hidden paradise stands out with yacht tourism. At the same time, Blue cruise boats prefer Selimiye to stay at night. History enthusiasts include many ancient cities and ruins of historical castles. In Selimiye, the city walls of the Hellenistic period, the Fener church, and the ruins of the ancient theater are also waiting for history enthusiasts.

Day 6: Datca and Palamutbuku

In the morning we cruise to ancient Datca stands out both with its historical and natural beauties. Usually, houses have a single-story or two-story architecture. Narrow streets consisting of cobblestones and bougainvillea hanging from their balconies have created a magnificent landscape. We especially recommend taking pictures on these streets. Postcard photos appear. There are shops and stalls where they sell ornaments at most points. You can watch Datca’s production live by coming across the women who made them famous pinch. Here you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones. These items, most of which are handmade, are sold by the inhabitants of the village.


It is located within the borders of the Datça district. It is located 25 km from the Datça district center. Palamutbükü Coast is one of the longest beaches of Datça. It is also known as one of the most beautiful bays of Datça. The sea is quite clear and clean. Its beach is generally covered with pebbles. We recommend sea shoes. Mask, snorkel, and pallet trio are recommended. Its water is cold for families with children. You can take a short and beautiful walk to the Port of Palamutbuku, which is the stop point for the boats. By taking boat tours here, you can go for a ride to the nearby bays and other natural beauties. The port of Palamutbuku is a safe port for travelers by sea. Many people from Datça visit this place on the weekends to sit in restaurants, on the beach, and go to the sea.

Day 7: Knidos and Aquarium Bay

Today we can enjoy a slow start with a relaxed breakfast and swim before we cruise in the direction of Knidos which is the most important trade, art, and cultural city of antiquity. Knidos, the modern city of its era, where they experienced the first examples of democracy, is located where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Datça Peninsula, located within the borders of Caria, is dominated by Dorians from the Aegean islands. Dorians founded Knidos in Burgas on the Cape of Dalak, 2 km from the center of Datca. Knidos B.C 4 . in the middle of the century, it was moved to Tabby Cape, 35 km away, where the remains of today are located. Developments in maritime trade were instrumental in this move. On my page, I describe the city of Knidos after this move. (Büyük Menderes Valley, Dalaman stream, Aegean Sea, and the region remaining in Babadağ, Bozdağ, and Honaz Mountain in the West Pass as the territory of Caria. )Today, most ships from the Mediterranean Sea To The Black Sea pass through the waters of Knidos. If you consider the conditions of that day, Knidos was a necessary port for ships moving by sail, resting, providing supplies, or buying trade goods. Because of its sheltered natural ports, it is also a port for shelter in bad weather.

Aquarium Bay (Adabogazi)
Every boat visits Aquarium Bay in Bodrum. It has such a clear sea that those who saw the Aquarium Bay at the time gave it this name because of its clarity. Perhaps the reason for its clarity is that there is no access here by land. Aquarium Bay, busy with boat tours, consists of small bays located at the western end of Gumbet and an island that cuts in front of these bays and forms a strait. The bay, which forms a corner from the untouched paradise with its rare beauty, deepens to 30 meters off the island, but you can see the bottom of the water. It is an invaluable experience to experience swimming in the sea as immaculate as glass against the unique landscape.

Day 8: Bodrum Harbor

After a unique yacht charter, you come to sail back to Bodrum and prepare for your flight home. It is a perfect time to visit this wonderful city and enjoy your last (but not final) taste of Turkey. Bodrum is a jewel surrounded by golden sunsets and azure waters. You really should partake in all the local cuisine, and cultural attractions and visit the waterfront outside the famous Bodrum Castle, built from the stones of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. It houses an excellent underwater archeology museum and is a must see when in Bodrum.

Option: Airport transfer to Bodrum Airport can be arranged.

Extra Tour Details

  • From 29 April – 14 October
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Private / Group

What has been included during the cruise?


  • Accommodation cabin charter
  • Transfer service from the hotel to the boat.
  • All sightseeing & excursions mentioned in the itinerary
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner during the tours
  • Drinking water is included on this cruise.
  • Afternoon tea and snacks
  • Towels and bed sheets, but still bring personal towels and swimming materials
  • Port and marina fees, and fuel 
  • Standard yacht equipment, board games, snorkels & masks, fishing lines


  • Beverage during the tour
  • Bath Towels
  • Single supplement: % 60
  • Port charges are 50€ per person and should be paid in cash upon arrival.
  • Optional Activities
  • Entrance Archaeological sites and national parks entrance fees.

What to keep in mind!

  • Your cabin charter is a non-guided tour. There is no local guide on board providing information on the sites and locations.
  •  In cases of poor weather and/or sea conditions, this schedule may change
  • All gulets and cabin layouts are different, cabins are not predetermined.
  • All cabins have private bathrooms and a shower.
  • If you are a couple please notify us beforehand & we will arrange a double private cabin for couples
  • Individuals are all shared in a twin, or triple room mixed gender we will always try to match same-gender first.
  • For individual travelers who do not want to be assigned with another passenger, single supplement cabins are available at an extra cost.
  • Children of 6 and under are not allowed on these cabin cruises.
  • There is no children’s discount available.
  • You cannot bring your drinks. All drinks are sold on board. A bar tab is set up for the week. All bar tabs are paid at the conclusion of your cruise by cash only.

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8 Days Marmaris Bodrum One Way Blue Cruise

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